Body Rockers complete their '90 Day Challenge' - check out the results!

The Body Rockers UNLIMITED Members completed their '90 Day Challenge' last week and we saw unbelievable results and huge transformations.

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The Body Rockers '90 Day Challenge' took place at College Park in Nedlands, in close proximity to Dalkeith and Claremont.

Each member was asked to complete an initial health assessment to establish their health and fitness goals and what they were looking to achieve from the 90 Day Challenge. Common goals included weight loss, building muscle, improving fitness and increased energy levels. Members were also given the opportunity to have their weight and measurements taken to monitor body composition changes.

Once the goals had been set it was time to take part in the first fitness test.


The challenge included 3 separate fitness tests over 90 days:

  • Initial: Completed at the start of the challenge to establish baseline fitness level

  • Halfway: A 'check in' halfway through the challenge to ensure everyone was on track

  • Final: Last test to see the improved results

Each member carried out a series of 6 individual exercises. They had 3 minutes to complete as many repetitions of each exercise as possible whilst maintaining proper form. There was then a subsequent 3 minute break between each exercise.

Finally each member was sent off on a timed run around College Park.

Each fitness test was identical allowing us to directly compare previous results and monitor improvements.


  • Largest total weight loss - 7.7%

  • Most improved number of Sit Ups - 122% improvement

  • Most improved number of Squat Jump - 58% improvement

  • Most Improved number of Push ups - 117% improvement

  • Highest number of full Burpees in 3 minutes: 58

  • Most improved full body plank hold - 82% increase

  • Fastest College Park run - 6 minutes & 30 seconds (1.25km after completing the above exercises)

In addition to the above results we saw some amazing transformations with members losing inches off their waists and hips.

WELL DONE TO EVERYONE WHO TOOK PART! We look forward to continuing to work with you all to achieve the results you deserve….

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