Body Rockers 8-Week Winter Challenge

Body Rockers - 8-week Winter Challenge

I know it sounds cliche, but summer bodies really are made in winter, so let's get started with our 'Winter 8 Week Challenge'

Our first Body Rockers challenge is the Beep Test, and yes this means cardio. Don't be put off, cardio is an essential part of your training program and will help you achieve the results you're looking for.

SO WHY IS CARDIO IMPORTANT? Cardiovascular exercise, also known as aerobic exercise requires energy. This energy is found in the food we eat as well as the fat we store (utilising this results in weight loss). Simply put, cardio exercise burns fat and increases muscle tone, speeding up your metabolism allowing you to burn more calories as rest.

Body Rockers Beep Test - Winter Challenge


Don't be afraid, this will be fun! Watching your fitness improve alongside some of your fellow exercise buddies, you will be glad of this challenge - trust me. Everybody works individually and completes the test once they're ready to do so. The test involves continuous running between two lines 20m apart in time to recorded beeps. The speed at the start of the test is slow but increases over time.

WHAT NEXT? If you would like to take part in our 'Winter Challenge', please get in touch (

The tests will take place at College Park which is closeby to Claremont, Dalkeith, Cottesloe and within Nedlands.

The training and exercises we do within our Bootcamp, Boxing, HIIT IT, FIT MUMS & Super Saturday classes will help towards your beep test results and overall fitness level.

The first fitness test will take place on Monday the 5th June followed by a final test on the 31st of July. This test will lead us nicely into spring, ready for our summer shred.

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