Fit Mums launches at Rosalie Park

Body Rockers launches a new FIT MUMS Exercise Class on Shenton Park and features in the Post Newspaper

Kids and Mums stay fit together

We all know how important it is for mums to make time for themselves. However, there are so many competing pressures when juggling a busy home, that finding time to exercise often falls by the wayside.

Sarah Ware, Owner of Body Rockers Group Outdoor Exercise launched FIT MUMS in Nedlands over 3 years ago with great success. With two young daughters herself, and a passion to get children outside and exercising, Sarah clearly understands what busy mums need. With this in mind, Sarah is due to launch FIT MUMS at Rosalie Park in September.

‘We’re not just an exercise class,’ says Sarah, ‘We are a group of mums with a common goal. To inspire, support and empower one another through exercise whilst encouraging our children to participate in physical activity. The results both physically and mentally speak for themselves.’

‘I enjoy nothing more than seeing happy mums and their children running around, enjoying the outdoors. The mums and children have formed such amazing friendships through FIT MUMS, it’s extremely rewarding to see.’

Sarah Ware launches Body Rockers FIT MUMS Exercise Classes at Rosalie Park

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