QUIT IT! Body Rockers August Challenge

How many times have you told yourself that ‘on Monday’ you’ll give up the daily chocolate bar, glass of wine, cheese & crackers and it never lasts longer than a few days?

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Que 'QUIT IT!', Body Rockers August Challenge.​

Throughout August, the Body Rockers FIT MUMS and Unlimited members will collectively embark on a new challenge that will ease you into spring ready for our summer shred.

What is QUIT IT and what do I need to do to get started?

QUIT IT is simple. Give up something that is holding you back in achieving your health and fitness goals throughout August alongside your fellow Body Rockers. Here's what you need to do...

  1. What’s your vice? Decide what you will be giving up during August. It can be anything, just choose something you know you indulge in a little too much. For the record, I’m going hard-core and will quit all refined sugars including chocolate, cakes, biscuits.

  2. Share it with your fellow Body Rockers: It’s all well and good making a decision in your head, but what’s the use if you don’t verbalise it and put it out there. Head over to the Body Rockers Facebook page and underneath the ‘Quit It’ post write: I quit XXXX during August.

  3. Join the support network: I will take everyone’s phone number at the park and add you to the ‘Quit It’ Whatsapp group. In this group we will support each other, so if you’re about to reach for the cookie jar, message the group and we will talk you out of it!

And here’s the catch…. If you slip up, you must message the group with a photo of your slip up (empty wine glass / empty chocolate wrapper) Any slip ups will incur a $5 fine all of which will be collected at the end of the challenge and donated to the Lighthouse Foundation, Youth Homeless Charity. So, decide on your vice, post it on Facebook and join the challenge!

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