Trainer - Rosalie Park in Shenton Park

Group Trainer - Alix
Classes: FIT MUMS at Rosalie Park

My name is Alix and I love being a Personal Trainer. I have a huge passion for health and fitness and would you believe, I used to be daunted and terrified of exercise so let me tell you, its fantastic!

It's my mission to help people to truly love the body they are in. One of my favourite classes to teach is Circuit Training, I love the different combinations you can add each week, hence why I love teaching FIT MUMS so much. 

Not only can you lose weight, tone up, increase your fitness and get stronger, but you'll have an added extra pep in your step, you'll be more productive, you'll be less stressed and sleep better... the list goes on! 

Alix - Body Rockers Trainer - Shenton Park